About Committee for Perth

Committee for Perth is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that challenges and advocates for change on behalf of our members to make Perth consistently one of the most liveable cities in the world.

We aim to positively influence debate and policy to advance and celebrate Perth as a global region of choice to live, work, invest, study and visit.  Our focus is on making Perth the best city it can be – not just now, but in future decades.

We’re an independent and apolitical voice for Perth – our allegiances are to our region and to our members.

We have more than 120 member organisations from over 40 different industry sectors throughout the Perth region, stretching from Yanchep in the north, to Mandurah in the south, to Kalamunda in the east.

Our members are genuinely passionate about the future of Perth and join Committee for Perth for an admirable reason: to ensure Perth is the best city it can be for their employees, customers, families and the wider community.

Our vision is that Perth is a global region of choice to live, work, invest, study and visit.

We challenge and advocate for change on behalf of our members to make Perth consistently one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Our story

Committee for Perth was born out of a reputational crisis. In 2000, when images of Sydney as a sophisticated, physically spectacular and fun-loving Olympics host were beamed around the world, Perth was a city where the CBD was deserted after 5pm. This lack of vibrancy saw it be slapped with the label “Dullsville” by international travel publisher Lonely Planet.

The Dullsville tag proved hard to shake off, prompting concerned Perth business leaders like John Atkins and Gary Smith to look for ways to turn Perth and its reputation around. They thought Perth needed something like Committee for Melbourne, an organisation which could advocate to make their city more vibrant and liveable.

Influential Perth-based organisations like Rio Tinto, BHP, Wesfarmers and Herbert Smith Freehills were asked for their support to build this new member organisation which would harness the skills and expertise of business for the benefit of Perth. They are still members, with their contribution integral to our success today.

Committee for Perth was formed in 2006 and opened its doors under inaugural CEO Marion Fulker AM in 2007. We have grown to encompass more than 110 members from over 40 industry sectors. Motivated by their genuine passion for Perth, our members have dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and resources to help us advocate and challenge for our region, including more than 150 pieces of research.

In this time, Perth has undergone an economic, cultural and social transformation. In 2023, the Economist Intelligence Unit listed Perth as one of the best dozen cities in the world to live. The New York Times listed it as one of its 52 Places to Go in 2019.

Now led by Paula Rogers, Committee for Perth is an influential, trusted voice for Perth – and focused on making Perth the most liveable city in the world now and for decades to come.

What does Committee for Perth do?

We are a small team, overseen by a board of high-level corporate executives, which connects people who are passionate about Perth. We facilitate events to inform, inspire and motivate our community to make Perth one of the world’s most liveable cities.

We also drive initiatives, policies, projects and activities to foster positive developments for Perth, using evidence to influence debate and policy. We have produced more than 150 pieces of research which have inspired change, including:

Why do we need Committee for Perth?

We are the only organisation that is 100 per cent focused on making a positive difference to the future of the Perth region. Many organisations – like the City of Perth and the WA Government – have a stake in Perth’s future but it’s not their sole and only purpose to ensure the Perth global region is successful.

We also have the luxury of having no time limits on our goals and aspirations, unlike governments which operate within short electoral cycles.

Committee for Perth is also part of a national network of Committees for Capital Cities, including the Committee for Adelaide, Committee for Brisbane, Committee for Melbourne and Committee for Sydney. Together, they are a united voice to advocate on behalf of capital cities to the Federal Government.

Our Board

  • Tony Joyner


  • Jon Smeulders

    Deputy Chair


  • Dr Andrew Crane


    The Royal Automobile Club of WA (Inc)

  • Pauline Gazzard



  • Paul Graham


    The Perth Mint

  • Meath Hammond



  • Matt Judkins



  • Fiona Notley


    Curtin University

  • Maya vanden Driesen



  • Charlotte Cameron

    Company Secretary

    Herbert Smith Freehills

Our Team

  • Paula Rogers

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Brittany Alder

    Member Experience Coordinator

  • Francien Boom

    Social & Brand Marketing Specialist

  • Kelly Campbell

    Executive Support Officer

  • Dr Richard Walley OAM

    Cultural Advisor


Reconciliation and the celebration of the Perth region’s Indigenous cultures are foundational values of Committee for Perth. Our commitment to reconciliation principles – through research, advocacy and relationship building – has been guided by our cultural advisor Richard Walley OAM.

For example, we have advocated for an Indigenous cultural centre since 2008, when our “A Cultural Compact for Western Australia: the 10 Year Challenge” research report called for a World Centre for Indigenous Culture to be developed on a central site on the Swan River.

We published our first Reconciliation Action Plan in December 2010. Committee for Perth belongs to the Reconciliation Australia community, with 2450 organisations, and a proud member of Reconciliation WA.