Our Impact

Since our establishment in 2006, the Committee for Perth has made a number of significant achievements in the areas of research and advocacy. Our evidenced and solutions focused approach has resulted in widespread acknowledgement that the Committee is the key ‘go-to’ organisation on the issues that Perth faces as a growing region.

Over the past decade we have undertaken academic and consultative research and produced:

  • 66 FACTBase Bulletins
  • 8 FACTBase Special Reports
  • 14 FACTSheets
  • The report Towards a Bright Future - a vision for Perth as a region of 3.5 million people
  • 9 case studies in the What We Thought Would Kill Us series
  • Filling the Pool a landmark gender equality report
  • Get a Move On! a landmark transport and congestion report
  • A landmark economic report Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom - Perth's Pathway to Prosperity
  • A report to examine the World's Most Liveable Cities
  • A series of reports to examine the Cost of Living
  • A number of submissions related to Government policy

Through on-the-ground research, our CEO has undertaken 12 Study Tours to cities across the developed world to understand what Perth can learn.

Our achievements have combined to demonstrate that we are a respected, informed and positive voice for Perth and its future.