Passion for Perth

The Committee for Perth is a member-based think tank that exists to promote and enable change that improves the cultural diversity, economic prosperity, sustainability and world-class amenity of Perth.

We commission an annual photographic competition that aims to capture each year what it's like to live in Perth. Photographs can depict people, landscapes, recreational or commercial activities but need to reflect an iconic Western Australian lifestyle activity or scene from across the metropolitan area. Judges will be looking for shots that best celebrate what it's like to live in the Perth region.

Elements to be captured could include:

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Natural attributes and clean skies
  • Opportunity
  • Sense of community
  • Educational Strength
  • Unique location
  • Active lifestyle
  • Creative practice or artistic endeavour
  • Rich cultural demography
  • Infrastructure

If eligible for under 21 prize

Photograph Submission

Submission One

Please ensure all images are of the highest quality. All files must be renamed as the entrants surname, first name and submission number. e.g. SmithJane_01.jpg


The competition is open to any residents or visitors to Perth with the only proviso that all shots must have been taken during 2020. Finalists are selected and displayed at the Committee for Perth End of Year Celebration where the winner is announced. A cash prize of $1500 will be awarded to the overall winner and another prize of $500 to a photographer under the age of 21.