Our Position

The Committee believes that our diverse community should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Our Advocacy

Through our research on both gender and cultural diversity we brought a more detailed understanding about Perth’s diverse population base.

In June 2015, we launched our gender equity report, Filling the Pool which contains a roadmap of 31 interlocking recommendations aimed at increasing the participation and progression rates of women in corporate life.


Phase 02


FACTBase Bulletin 62 - Filling the Pool Starts Early: Learnings from Queensland

This FACTBase Bulletin reports on the findings of the 'Hands Up for Gender Equality' study, the aim of which was to examine gender differences in overall self-confidence, self-confidence development and career interests. 

March 2019


Phase 02


Quotas not the solution for gender equity

To quota or not to quota, has long been the question. But a landmark FACTBase report by a world-renowned expert, Professor Morten Huse, has found that setting quotas for women on boards isn’t a silver bullet when it comes to achieving gender equity, societal sustainability and well-being.

March 2018

FACTBase Bulletin 58 - Gender in the Boardroom: Learnings from World Leader Norway

This Bulletin has been prepared by international expert, Professor Morten Huse, as a contribution to the Committee for Perth's ongoing gender equality advocacy as part of the Filling the Pool project. It explores Norway's experience of implementing a quota to increase the number of women on boards.

March 2018


Phase 02


FACTBase Bulletin 54 - Gender in the C-Suite on the WA ASX 100

This FACTBase Bulletin explores gender equality in Perth as measured by examining the number of women filling C-Suite positions on the WA 100 ASX. It has been prepared to provide a quantitative base following on from the Committee for Perth’s 2015 report on gender equality – Filling the Pool.

July 2017

FACTBase Bulletin 53 - Gender in the Boardroom - Profiling WA's ASX 100 Company Directors

This FACTBase Bulletin explores gender equality in Perth as measured by examining the number of CEO positions of WA 100 ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) listed companies as defined by market capitalisation. It has been prepared to provide a quantitative base following on from the Committee for Perth’s 2015 report on gender equality – Filling the Pool.

May 2017


Phase 02


What can women do?

This presentation investigates what can be done to increase the participation and rates of progression in order to "fill the pool" of female leaders in decision making and influencing roles so as to address the current imbalance.

November 2015

Committee for Perth releases their gender equity research project Filling the Pool

Filling the Pool has been a two-year project and like any worthwhile undertaking, it was a journey. Our starting point was that in the discussions that the Committee for Perth was having about our region’s future there was a lack of women around the table.

June 2015

Filling the Pool presentation with audio

Marion Fulker, CEO and Dr. Terry Fitzsimmons, Lead Researcher present the Filling the Pool report at the Committee's Perth in Focus luncheon. Watch the presentation.

June 2015


Phase 02


Girls Down Under the Pay Ceiling

Dr. Terrance Fitzsimmons, Filling the Pool researcher discusses why WA is lagging behind in gender pay equality, and our fly-in-fly-out culture could be partly to blame.

October 2014

Where are the female voices?

Marion Fulker, CEO wrote an opinion piece on "Where are the female voices?"

Female Voices | 488.10 kB
July 2014


Phase 02


Are we doing today’s young women a disservice?

Marion Fulker, CEO wrote an opinion piece on whether we doing today’s young women a disservice.

November 2013

The role of migration in a bright future for Perth presentation

Marion Fulker, CEO provided a short address on the importance of the economic contributions of migrants to the business and industrial sector and ultimately to the Western Australian community.

October 2013

Filling the Pool introduction

Filling the Pool is an exploration into how Western Australian businesses can increase participation rates of female leaders in order to enhance their long-term prosperity.

June 2013

The Profile and Spatial Distribution of Perth’s Overseas-Born Population

In another indication that Perth is continuing to evolve into a modern and cosmopolitan capital city, Perth and the Peel region now officially have 10% more overseas born residents living in them than the national average.

June 2013

Changes and Trends in Perth's Cultural Diversity

As Western Australians from all walks of life celebrated Australia Day, a new FACTBase report has revealed that WA is the most demographically multicultural state when compared to New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

January 2013


Phase 02


Migrants’ Attraction to Cities - Implications for Perth

Migration has long been an important component of Australia’s economic development framework.

August 2012


Phase 02


Research shows local government remains a ‘boys club’

This Committee for Perth FACTBase report reveals that despite making up half of the population, women are hitting their heads against a glass ceiling in their bid to become local government leaders.

July 2010

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling of Local Government

2010 was designated as Year of Women in Local Government (YoWiLG) by the Australian Local Government Managers Association (LGMA).

June 2010
Phase 01


Women in the Workforce

Marion Fulker, CEO wrote an opinion piece about women in the workforce.

May 2010