Liquor Licensing

Our Position

The Committee believes in urban revitalisation through vibrant social and cultural offerings, including a strong bar and restaurant scene.

Our Advocacy

In 2007, we were strong advocates for reform to the Liquor Licensing Act, which established the burgeoning small bar scene.

In 2013, we wrote a submission in support of the Act continuing to enable the establishment of low-risk premises such as small bars and restaurants to be able to continue serving alcohol to patrons without a meal.


Phase 01


Report of the Independent Review Committee

In conducting the review, the Review Committee considered matters relevant to the operation and effectiveness of the Liquor Control Act 1988, having regard to the changing community needs and attitudes relating to the accessibility of liquor and related services.

January 2014


Phase 01


Liquor Act Review Submission

This submission has approved by the Committee’s Reforming Working Group, a group of senior executives from a range of sectors and disciplines. It provides a high level overview of the Committee for Perth’s views from a lay perspective. Our interest extends to three key issues: Enabling the development of diverse licensed premises in Perth, Reducing Alcohol Related Crime and Violence and The Objects of the Act.

Liquor Act Review | 286.59 kB
February 2013