Local Government Reform

Our Position

The Committee believes that the current fragmented system of local government in the Perth metropolitan region is hindering the potential to achieve our vision for the future of Perth.

Our Advocacy

Since 2009, the Committee has been actively researching local governance models across Australia, the UK, USA and New Zealand.

Despite local government reform no longer being part of the coalition government’s agenda, the Committee will continue to advocate for long overdue reform in this critical area of governance.


Phase 05


The State Government announces Local Government Reform to be put on hold

The State Government announced that planned changes to Perth’s metropolitan local government boundaries were on hold.

February 2015
Phase 04

Vision Keeping

Proposed City of Perth Act

This submission has been prepared with input from our Reforming Working Group. It articulates the Committee’s views on the proposed City of Perth Act and limits itself to comments on the purpose and objectives of the Act.

January 2015


Phase 03


Submission to Metropolitan Local Government District Inquiries

Since its inception in 2006, the Committee for Perth has advocated for local government reform on the basis that, in order to effectively compete with other metropolitan regions throughout the world for a skilled workforce and investment dollars, the Perth metropolitan region needs to be formally organised to explicitly serve the purposes of the region in pursuit of economic development.

March 2014


Phase 03


Local Government reform welcome

The Committee for Perth welcomes today’s announcement by the Premier and Local Government Minister to reduce the number of local governments in the metropolitan area from 30 to 14.

July 2013

Positive first step by State Government

The Committee for Perth welcomes yesterday’s first announcement by the State Government about Local Government reform.

July 2013
Phase 02


Metropolitan Local Government Review Panel Final Report

The Committee for Perth commends the robust and transparent nature of the review process and on this basis has confidence in and strongly supports the final recommendations of the panel.

March 2013


Phase 02


Metropolitan Local Government Review Panel Draft Findings Paper

This submission supports the majority of draft findings of the review panel, however we also believe that the critical issue will be how, and how quickly, the findings are implemented, particularly to ensure that, regardless of the number of local authorities in the metropolitan region, there are formal and effective structures for integration and collaboration between local authorities, and local authorities and state government.

April 2012


Phase 02


Metropolitan Local Government Review Panel Issues Paper

The Committee supports structural reform of local government through appropriate amalgamation however we also believe that this should be accompanied by mechanisms to enable improved co‐operation and collaboration between local authorities and state government agencies in the region.

October 2011

Local governance structure must meet 21st century demands

The Committee for Perth welcomes the Premier & Minister for Local Government’s announcement advising the establishment of an expert panel to assess Perth’s future social, economic and environmental requirements and the most appropriate local governance model to address these challenges.

June 2011


Phase 02


Local Government Structural Reform – Metropolitan Governance

This letter was sent to The Hon. GM (John) Castrilli, MLA, Minister for Local Government to inform him of our recent FACTBase Bulletin Successful Local & Metropolitan Government Models Elsewhere: Potential Lessons for Perth?

May 2010

'Successful' Local and Metropolitan Government Models Elsewhere: Potential Lessons for Perth?

This FACTBase Bulletin was written to discuss 'Is local government in Perth ready to take on complex challenges of the 21st century?'

May 2010


Phase 01


Local Government Structural Reform Submission

This submission has been prepared by the Committee for Perth using a fact based approach through researchers and academics and with input from members of the Reforming Working Group which has responsibility for developing initiatives, advocacy and monitoring programs in order to progress the deregulation of government policies that negatively impact on our vision for Perth.

September 2009

Research Report: ‘Successful’ Metropolitan Local Government Models: Potential Lessons for Perth?

This Discussion Paper provides a brief overview of examples of perceived successful local government reform in other jurisdictions, in order to inform the preparation of a submission to the WA Local Government Reform Steering Committee that will argue for strengthening metropolitan governance in Perth.

September 2009