Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million

Our Position

Since our foundation in 2006, the Committee for Perth has been advocating for the development of a unified vision for Perth. A vision that government, business and the community can agree upon that captures the aspirations for Perth as a region of 3.5 million people.

Our Advocacy

In 2012, the Committee published its landmark report Towards a Bright Future, a vision for Perth @ 3.5 million people which details two scenarios for the future of the region and makes 20 recommendations for a bright future.

Following an analysis of the changes in the Perth region over the past decade, in 2015 we released a FACTBase Special Report: Perth as a spatially transforming region.


Phase 04

Vision Keeping

Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million

This submission has been prepared by the Committee for Perth with assistance from members of our Reshaping Working Group. The draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million proposes essential conservation strategies that the Committee believes will work to enhance the environmental values contained within the Perth and Peel region. We congratulate the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and all those involved for producing a comprehensive plan that delivers essential environmental and conservation outcomes whilst accommodating for future development requirements. 

April 2016


Phase 04

Vision Keeping

Perth Perceptions Survey presentation

This presentation highlights the outcomes from the recent Perth Perception Survey undertaken by the Committee for Perth.

September 2015

Submission on the Draft Perth and Peel @3.5million

This submission has been prepared by the Committee for Perth with assistance from members of our Reshaping Working Group. In our response that follows we have relied on our previous research, Towards a Bright Future which outlined outcomes for Perth if it continued on a ‘Business as Usual Scenario’ versus the articulation of a ‘Bright Future Scenario’. As part of this report we made 20 recommendations for Government to action, which we believe align closely with many of the strategies in the Draft Perth and Peel @ 3.5million document. In our submission we address some of the key issues Perth and Peel face as a region growing to a population of 3.5 million people.

July 2015


Phase 04

Vision Keeping

Planning Makes It Happen: Phase Two

The Committee for Perth strongly supports planning reform and commends the State Government for its planning reform agenda and for the comprehensive reforms it has achieved since the launch of Planning Makes it Happen – a blue print for planning reform in 2009.

December 2013
Phase 03


Directions 2031 and Beyond

Today the Government released their plan for a region of 3.5 million people. Directions 2031 recognises the benefits of a more consolidated city while working from historic patterns of urban growth. Importantly, the framework sets achievable goals that will promote housing affordability over the longer term. Directions 2031 addresses urban growth needs and also takes into consideration the need to protect our natural ecosystems.

May 2013
Phase 02


Committee for Perth Submission – Draft State Planning Strategy

This submission is supportive of the draft strategy and has some specific suggestions which aim to enhance the strategy’s ability to provide a positive direction for the future of regional Perth.

March 2013


Phase 02


Interview: Perth is growing

The population of the city Perth in Western Australia is growing and is expected to be doubled in 20 years. Marion Fulker, CEO of the Committee for Perth, explains how the city is preparing itself for this amazing growth. To watch the interview please click here.

September 2012

Towards a Bright Future: A vision for Perth as a region of 3.5 million people

This is the most significant and detailed report about Perth’s future to date. It identifies the main drivers of change in the Perth region and maps the values, perceptions and aspirations of a cross section of Perth residents. It charts Perth’s biggest opportunities and challenges, based on up to date, original research, and highlights the region’s potential if we respond proactively to these opportunities and challenges – and the problems the region could face if we do not.

September 2012

Towards a Bright Future presentation with audio

Marion Fulker, CEO presents the Towards a Bright Future report at the Committee's Perth in Focus luncheon. Watch the presentation.

September 2012

Towards a Bright Future - a vision for Perth as a region of 3.5 million people

This document was produced to show the Bright Future vision scenarios versus the Business as Usual threat.

September 2012

Perth’s Continuing Population Growth

This Bulletin provides an update of population trends in Western Australia and Metropolitan Perth as well as the implications of these trends to Perth’s future development trajectory.

May 2012

Perth @ 3.5 Million & Beyond Case Studies

This document presents a number of case studies that were considered during the development of the Perth at 3.5 Million & Beyond project. Each study presents ideas that we think are worth of consideration for Perth as we plan for the growth of the city of the next 20 plus years.

May 2012

Discussion Paper 2: Our Place in the Future Scenarios, Opportunities & Ideas for Perth’s Future

This Discussion Paper builds on that work by identifying and illustrating best case and worst case scenarios of Perth as a metropolis of 3.5 million people – scenarios that have been established through research and Committee for Perth member and stakeholder input.

March 2012


Phase 02


Perth’s Changing Population: Some Selected Observations

This Bulletin does not aim to be a comprehensive assessment of Perth’s population structure and dynamics, but to make select observations of key recent trends and patterns.

November 2011

Discussion Paper Visioning Workshop: Perth @ 3.5 Million

During 2011/12 we undertook a thought leading and collaborative eight part project Perth @ 3.5 Million and Beyond. The project will examine all of the major issues affecting Perth today and the big challenges and opportunities for the city in the future. It will facilitate debate and discussion about what we want Perth at 3.5 million and beyond to be and how we can best get there.

August 2011

Directions 2031 – Recommendations for Successful Implementation

The Committee writes to the Minister for Planning to thank him for providing the opening address at the Committee for Perth's Successfully Implementing Directions 2031 forum. The address and the release of the Capital Cities Planning Framework were instrumental in setting the scene for a positive and solutions focused event.

July 2011


Phase 01


Creating a Vision for Perth

CEO, Marion Fulker presents on the need for Creating a Vision for Perth.

December 2010

Central Metropolitan Perth Sub-Regional Strategy

This submission has been prepared by the Committee for Perth (CfP) to provide comment on the Central Metropolitan Perth Sub‐Regional Strategy.

November 2010

Outer Metropolitan Perth and Peel Sub-Regional Strategy

This submission has been prepared by the Committee for Perth (CfP) to provide comment on the Outer Metropolitan Perth Sub‐Regional Strategy.

November 2010

Perth Vision Workshop is held

This was a group of bright, relevant people meeting for a morning to create a set of ingredients for a compelling vision for Perth.

May 2010


Phase 01


Directions 2031 – Draft Spatial Framework for Perth and Peel

This submission seeks to address some of the key questions arising from a review of the Directions 2031. We would like the following comments to be considered in the preparation of the final document.

August 2009

Draft State Planning Policy Activity Centres for Perth and Peel

This submission was prepared for the Committee for Perth by members of the Reshaping Working Group, which has responsibility for developing initiatives, advocacy and monitoring programs in order to champion our vision related to sustainability, city making projects, public spaces and transportation.

August 2009

'A Vision Statement for Perth' report is released

The purpose of the research was to identify which of the cities listed in the Economist Intelligence Unit Liveability (EIU) Rankings have vision statements; investigate and review the processes used to develop the vision statement; and make recommendations regarding an appropriate process for the Committee for Perth to promote for the development of a vision statement for Perth.

January 2009