Our Position

The Committee believes that Perth should be the city in Australia that acknowledges, respects and celebrates its Indigenous Australian cultures. 

Our Advocacy

Since 2008, the Committee has engaged Dr Richard Walley OAM as our Indigenous Consultant.

As a first step in acknowledging and respecting WA’s Indigenous people, we published a Welcome to Country Guide in 2009.

Our first Reconciliation Action Plan was published in 2010 and our current RAP will guide us until the end of 2021.


Phase 02


Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-2021

Our Innovate RAP for 2019 to 2021 will guide our activities over three years to further reconciliation inside and outside of the organisation.

December 2018


Phase 02


Welcome to Country Guide

This Welcome to Country guide has been developed to assist businesses in understanding how to appropriately acknowledge Aboriginal people and culture in Western Australia.

December 2017

2017 Reconciliation Action Plan Impact Measurement Report

Each year, the Committee responds to a Reconciliation Action Plan Impact Measurement Questionnaire, a reporting tool which allows Reconciliation Australia to determine the collective impact that RAPs are making Australia wide. This document provides an overview of the Committee's reconciliation initiatives undertaken throughout 2016-17. 

September 2017


Phase 02


Reconciliation Action Plan 2016-2018

At the End of Year Celebration the Committee released their fourth Reconciliation Action Plan. The new RAP will guide our activities and initiatives between 2016-2018.

December 2015

Perth's Native Title

At the Committee for Perth AGM Luncheon Perth's Native Title and what that means for the future of Perth was discussed by guest speakers Glen Kelly, Dr. Richard Walley OAM and The Hon. Fred Chaney AO.

November 2015


Phase 02


Food for Thought on Reconciliation

In order to encourage the implementation of this recommendation, the Committee invited long-time Indigenous advocate the Hon. Fred Chaney AO and Glen Kelly, CEO of the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council to address our Food for Thought luncheon about the issue of reconciliation.

November 2013

Reconciliation Action Plan 2014-2015

Through the implementation of the initiatives outlined within our first two RAPs we are now furthering our journey towards achieving genuine reconciliation between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities through our third RAP.

November 2013


Phase 02


Reconciliation Action Plan 2012-2013

Through the implementation of the initiatives outlined within our first RAP we have taken further steps in our reconciliation journey and we thank Reconciliation Australian for the overall assistance that they have provided in this process.

December 2012


Phase 02


Reconciliation Action Plan

The process of developing our Reconciliation Action Plan has seen us take further steps in our reconciliation journey and we thank Reconciliation Australia for the overall assistance that they have provided in this process.

November 2010

Healing Our History Workbook

This workbook has been compiled by the Committee for Perth and Waitangi Associates in order to provide you with foundation reference material for the workshop and is designed to support and substantiate the ideas presented by Robert Consedine in his capacity as workshop leader.

September 2010

Letter to the Premier: Waterfront Development and World Centre for Indigenous Culture

The Committee applauds your announcement last year to include a centre for Aboriginal art and culture as part of the overall Perth Waterfront development project and understands that the business case for the detailed planning stage for the Waterfront project has recently been considered by Cabinet.

August 2010


Phase 02


A Cultural Compact for Western Australia the 10 year Challenge

The Committee for Perth wants Perth to become the first capital city in Australia to truly celebrate Indigenous culture.

November 2009

Welcome to Country Guide

The Committee for Perth created a Welcome to Country guide to help organisations properly celebrate Indigenous people’s connection with the land and acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the land in Australia at all events.

July 2009
Phase 01


Statement of Commitment

The Committee for Perth is committed to developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) with the support of the Board and will include consultation with relevant external stakeholders.

November 2009

Celebrating Indigenous Culture

The Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University of Technology, was commissioned by the Committee for Perth to research local, national and international Indigenous cultural centre sites.

July 2009