Retail Trading

Our Position

The Committee believes that the deregulation of retail trading hours is crucial to enhancing the liveability and attractiveness of Perth, both as a place of residence and as a tourist destination.

Our Advocacy

Following a period of research, we released a series of FACTBase Bulletins to examine the issues surrounding the deregulation of retail trading hours.

Working in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Western Australia, we achieved the extension of weeknight trading and an extension to Sunday trading hours.


Phase 05


The State Government extends Sunday trading hours

The State Government extends Sunday trading hours from 11.00am-5.00pm for all retailers wishing to trade and abolishes special trading precincts. Read the media release here.

July 2012
Phase 04


​Retail trading – total deregulation must come now​

The Committee for Perth’s CEO Marion Fulker supports the bi-partisan approach to resolving the deregulation of retail trading hours for the Perth metropolitan area.

February 2012


Phase 03


State Government amends the Retail Trading Hours Act 1987

The Retail Trading Hours Amendment Act 2010 comes into effect on 1 November to amend the Retail Trading Hours Act 1987 in order to permit all general retail shops located throughout the Perth metropolitan region to trade from 8.00am to 9.00pm on all weekdays. Read the media statement here.

September 2010
Phase 02


Issues Paper - Response

The Committee for Perth made a submission in response to the Department of Commerce's Issues paper entitled "Whitegoods and other consumer durables".

October 2010

The voice of reason in the retail trading debate

The Committee for Perth welcomed findings from the latest FACTBase research project into the current retail trading hours debate.

June 2010

A Brief Overview of Perth's Retail Trade Landscape

This paper outlines the key characteristics of the retail trade sector in Western Australia and, to a limited extend, in Perth.

June 2010

The Impacts of Retail Trade Deregulation

This paper reviews the various arguments for and against retail deregulation, as well as the complexities involved in the policy decision, noting the evidence from other Australian and international experiences on the effects of deregulation remain inconclusive.

June 2010


Phase 02


Research Report: Organisations Representing Consumers in Western Australia

This report provides insight into the various bodies that exist to represent the interests of the consumer in Western Australia, with a view to further informing the current debate on the deregulation of retail trading hours.

December 2009

Woodside wades into shopping hours debate

WA's biggest company, Woodside, has entered the retail trading hours debate, with the firm's legal chief saying the lack of flexible shopping hours in Perth was hampering its efforts to attract international staff.

October 2009

Letter to the Premier regarding retail trading

The Committee for Perth wrote to the Premier to promote the need for extended retail trading hours.

July 2009
Phase 01


Extended Trading Hours Campaign

The Committee for Perth and CCI WA campaigned for the public to send a message to the politicians that extended retail trading was necessary.

June 2009