Transformational Projects

Our Position

The Committee for Perth supports transformational projects such as the Elizabeth Quay, the Optus Stadium and the Perth City Link, as we believe they will increase Perth’s liveability.

Our Advocacy

We have consistently advocated in support of these projects through the media, at events that we have held and through research.

We also developed a special series, What We Thought Would Kill Us, which investigates other controversial and divisive projects in Perth’s history to determine whether they have had a positive or negative effect on in the long-term.

The seven studies completed to date examine the history, development and public opinion surrounding the development of Perth’s Bell Tower; the Evolution of Perth’s Passenger Rail; Hillarys Boat Harbour; Perth Arena; the Raffles Waterfront Development; the Graham Farmer Freeway and Northbridge Tunnel; and the Old Swan Brewery and examine how the project processes and public opinion at the time influenced the final design and outcome of each project.

What we have learnt from this research is that bold projects require strong leadership, commitment and an effective and inclusive strategy for early public participation.


Phase 02


What We Thought Would Kill Us: Learnings and Recommendations

The Committee for Perth has released the latest report in its What We Thought Would Kill Us series, Learnings and Recommendations. This report consolidates and summarises the findings of seven case studies on the most controversial landmark projects in Perth’s recent history and provides 10 recommendations that the city can collectively learn from moving forward, as it continues to expand as an urban environment.

April 2019


Phase 02


Perth City Summit

The Perth City Summit was convened by John Carey MLA, the Member for Perth. It was held on 19 August 2017 with 350 attendees and was the final community consultation in a process commenced earlier in the year. At the Summit 35 recommendations were reviewed, tested and prioritised. This document is an analysis of Committee for Perth’s research and advocacy positions against a number of the recommendations.

August 2017
Phase 02


What We Thought Would Kill Us: Case Study 7 - Old Swan Brewery

This case study is the seventh in the series and examines the redevelopment of the Old Swan Brewery, a highly controversial re-purposing of a cluster of historic buildings on the Swan River at the foot of Kings Park.

April 2017


Phase 02


Perth: opportunity and regeneration

A vibrant and stylish 21st century Perth has been promoted to rest of the world thanks to a video produced by Monocle called ‘Perth: opportunity and regeneration’. CEO, Marion Fulker was interviewed as part of the program, focusing in particular on the recent opening of Elizabeth Quay. Watch the video.

March 2016

What We Thought Would Kill Us: Case Study 6 - Graham Farmer Freeway and Northbridge Tunnel

This case study examines the Graham Farmer Freeway and Northbridge Tunnel, a highly controversial infrastructure project.

February 2016


Phase 02


What We Thought Would Kill Us: Case Study 5 - The Raffles Waterfront Development

This case study examines the Raffles Waterfront Development, a controversial high-density residential development constructed within what has become known as the Canning Bridge Precinct.

June 2015


Phase 02


What We Thought Would Kill Us: Case Study 4 - Perth Arena

This report examines the construction of Perth Arena, a multi-purpose entertainment and sporting arena in Perth’s city centre which was one of the most hotly debated public projects in recent times.

October 2014


Phase 02


New works reveal heritage foundations

This article was submitted by Kyle Jeavons, Senior Development Manager, FJM Property and was originally published in the Committee for Perth Insight e-newsletter, November 2013, ‘Changing Face of Perth’ column.

November 2013

Kick off at the new Perth Stadium

After more than two years of planning, physical work commenced in June 2013, with mobilisation of plant and equipment for the commencement of pre-construction site works.

October 2013

King size development takes centre stage

The development of Kings Square will mean that more progressive and innovative companies will have an alternative to the more traditional workplaces.

July 2013

Rediscovering the cultural heart of Perth

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority provided the following overview of how the development of the Perth Cultural Centre has impacted the vitality of the city.

June 2013


Phase 02


Draft Waterfront Design Guidelines Submission

This submission provides input into the draft Design Guidelines with the intention of providing constructive comment about the future design of the project.

June 2012


Phase 02


The Bell Tower – Perth deserves more

This media statement summarises the What We Thought Would Kill Us report into the Bell Tower. Controversial from the start, the 82.5 metre monument has never been far from the headlines.

October 2011

What We Thought Would Kill Us: Case Study 3 - The Bell Tower

This case study examines the then community’s concerns about the development of the Bell Tower; how this concern impacted on the ultimate design and outcome of the project; why, as a community, we have a tendency to undervalue investment in landmark places and spaces; and the difficulty governments face in investing in assets that do not have an immediate measurable benefit.

October 2011

Premier’s stadium announcement very welcome

The Committee for Perth welcomed the announcement by Premier Colin Barnett to begin planning for a multi-purpose 60,000 plus seat stadium on the Burswood Peninsula, with completion anticipated by 2018.

June 2011

What We Thought Would Kills Us: Case Study 2 - The Evolution of Perth's Passenger Rail

This report examines three defining events in the history of Perth’s passenger transport system: the electrification of the Perth to Fremantle Rail line; the development and operation of the Northern Suburbs Rapid Transit system; and the development of Perth’s new metro rail – the South West Rail line.

June 2011

Perth Forshore presentation to AIUS

Marion Fulker, CEO presents Perth Foreshore - A conversation to AIUS.

April 2011

What We Thought Would Kill Us: Case Study 1 - Hilary's Boat Harbour

This case study examines the then community’s concerns and fears about the boat harbour and whether they have come to fruition. The report examines whether Hillarys Boat Harbour is an example of how development that the community feels threatened by in the short-term can, in the long-term, become our biggest assets or even be judged as unambitious by the future generations.

March 2011

Transforming the Perth waterfront into a destination

Marion Fulker, CEO writes about the transforming of Perth's waterfront into a destination.

January 2011


Phase 02


A tale of two cities that need to be integrated

Marion Fulker, CEO writes about how Perth residents must speak up about the future of their city,

March 2010

Five of Perth’s best and worst

Marion Fulker, CEO writes about Perth's top five best and worst assets.

March 2010

Conservatism stifles waterfront evolution

Associate Professor Paul Maginn, an urban/regional planning at UWA and a researcher on the Committee for Perth's FACTBase project, writes how failure to seriously advance plans for development of the Perth foreshore is not an option.

February 2010


Phase 01


Support for new Perth projects

The announcement by the Premier of two major projects for Perth is supported by the Committee for Perth.

February 2008
Phase 02


Perth leaders back waterfront proposal

The Committee for Perth has thrown its support behind the proposed Perth Waterfront project. A survey of members, which include some of the city’s most powerful corporations and enterprises, has revealed strong demand for a development that will “define” our city the way Sydney and Melbourne are defined by the Opera House or Federation Square.

April 2008