Vibrancy and Culture

Our Position

The Committee believes that a vibrant arts and cultural scene is vital to Perth’s liveability.

Our Advocacy

In 2008, we launched A Cultural Compact for Perth, which challenges government, the arts sector and the community to work together to create vibrant places where arts and culture form part of the everyday life of Western Australians.

Arising from study tours to Canada, the USA and New Zealand to examine cultural centres, we released a report in 2009 outlining a vision for a World Centre for Indigenous Culture.

In 2013, following an audit of major performing arts infrastructure, we launched a report detailing the deficit of performing arts venues.


Phase 02


Perth's growing hunger for arts and culture

With 1.4 million people flocking to Perth to be captivated by two Giants walking through the city streets, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that West Australian’s passion for the performing arts is outperforming the rest of Australia. So much so, that Perth is on track to become the country’s performing arts capital.

February 2015


Phase 02


Lyric Theatre

The Committee for Perth strongly believes that Perth needs high-quality cultural infrastructure in order to be a liveable and competitive region, and our 2013 research report Examining Perth’s Performing Arts Infrastructure identifies the need for a dedicated lyric theatre for Perth as a priority.

November 2014

Revitalisation of Committee for Perth Working Group

The Committee for Perth’s Revitalising Working Group is charged with catalysing activity and developing initiatives to progress the recommendations contained in our key report A Cultural Compact for Western Australia – the 10 year challenge – Phase 1: Perth (Compact) with the aim of incorporating arts and culture into our everyday lives to increase the vibrancy of Perth.

March 2014


Phase 02


Examining Perth’s Performing Arts Infrastructure

The aim of this report, which culminates in a number of recommendations, acts as a catalyst for renewed energy and focus in planning of performing arts infrastructure in the future.

June 2013

Perth’s needs twice as many arts venues

This report commissioned by the Committee for Perth reveals that Perth’s arts and cultural sector is flourishing.

June 2013


Phase 02


A Sketch of Perth’s Youth Arts Hub

This document presents a concept for a new youth initiative in metropolitan Perth.

October 2011


Phase 02


Process for developing a vision for the arts

Over the past 4 years, the Committee has provided both financial and physical resources to explore what opportunities there are to strengthen the role and recognition of the sector and advocate for its value to the city, its visitors and its citizens.

November 2010


Phase 02


A Cultural Compact: Research Reports

The Committee for Perth identified a number of ideas to achieve this goal in its visioning document A Cultural Compact for Perth, the 10 year challenge Phase 1 Perth (the Compact), released in 2008. A primary idea presented in the Compact is the idea for the development of a World Indigenous Cultural Centre in Perth.

November 2009


Phase 02


A Cultural Compact for Western Australia the 10 year challenge

The Committee for Perth invites the arts and cultural sector, the Western Australian Government and other political parties, the business and philanthropic sectors and Local Government Authorities to commit to work through this Cultural Compact together for 10 years to revitalise our capital city and regional cities and towns.

November 2008
Phase 01


Cultural Compact Recommendations

This document highlights the recommendations of the Cultural Compact.

November 2008