Feature Article - FACTBase Bulletin 68 - Perth's Innovation Hotspots and Collaborations


Innovation is a key input across all the industries that make up the Australian economy and ensures global competitiveness. Perth is the hub of such activities for Western Australia. FACTBase Bulletin 68 – Perth’s Innovation Hotspots and Collaborations examines how Perth’s innovation connects to regional WA and Australia.

While innovation can be challenging to measure, the Bulletin analyses the number of patent applications by region, which allows for national and global comparisons. The report illustrates that Perth innovates in a unique global space, likely due to our highly specialised resource economy.

However, Perth is still lagging behind other capital cities in regard to innovation. It is also significantly less connected. Moreover, spatial patterns for patenting collaboration in the region have become less centralised.

According to the Bulletin, innovation across Greater Perth increased by 160% between 1984-1998 and 1999-2013. However, there was a shift away from the city centre as the most important local government area for innovation and collaboration. Social networking platforms are likely to have facilitated the growth of these spatial networks more evenly across Greater Perth.

Importantly, with Western Australia likely heading into another resource upswing, Perth needs to make the most of its key innovative areas and strengthen connectivity.

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