Guest Article - SOAC Conference 2019: Cities in an Age of Urban Disruption and Innovation


The theme of this year’s SOAC Conference is Cities in an Age of Disruption and Innovation.

Australian cities and regions are faced with ongoing challenges around technology, politics, the economy, the environment and social change. Additionally, the rise of the Smart City agenda around Australia and the globe has been met with the emergence of new innovations at a variety of scales.

The Conference invites scholars, policy makers and experts from fields that focus on Australian cities to join the conversation around advancing knowledge during this transformational period. It also aims to foster future policy and research collaboration amongst academics, the public and private sectors, non-profit organisations and local communities.

CEO Marion Fulker is a panellist with Professor Pete Newman, Dr. Julian Bolleter and Tanya Steinbeck on the Plenary Panel: Urban Disruption and Innovation: A View from the Western Edge. Both delegates and non-delegates are invited to attend this discussion and we encourage our members to register:

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