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About Business News

Business News is Western Australia’s leading business-to-business news and data provider. Our content gives businesses the confidence to make better decisions, linking recent and archival news to thousands of people and organisations within ranked lists which have been developed over 25 years.  We enrich that experience with events that provide direct audience participation. 

Why have you joined? 

Like the Committee for Perth, Business News is focused on making a positive difference to our future. Business News believes that industry can be influential in making Perth and Western Australia a better place to live and work. In doing so, we can create an environment for business to thrive, providing better opportunities for generations to come.

Business News supports the independent nature of the Committee for Perth’s research and advocacy. As a news business we value such voices in the policy debate and appreciate the opportunity to become more deeply involved in that process, while maintaining our own independence.

Mark Pownall, Chief Executive Officer

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