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Filling the Pool
Women in WA face too much disadvantage
CEO Marion Fulker discusses the recently released 2019 Women's Report Card.
Opinion Piece
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October 2019
Government must look at ways to embrace the opportunities of an ageing population with new economic strategies
Opinion piece by Marion Fulker, CEO, published in The West Australian.
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November 2017
Perth @ 3.5 Million People
Our visions for Perth in 2029
Marion Fulker, CEO, with five other West Australians shared their visions, hopes and aspirations for the city.
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August 2017
Economic Prosperity
Article - Boom Bust Cycle Creates Opportunities
Chairman John Langoulant AO discusses the opportunities created from a boom bust cycle, published in the West Australian, 2 March 2017
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March 2017
Transport & Congestion
Article - Public transport needs to go to people who need it and will use it
Marion Fulker discusses the need for Public Transport to go to areas that need it and will use it.
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February 2017
Perth @ 3.5 Million People
Article - Change inevitable, but so is yearning for past
Marion Fulker discusses what Perth was like 50 years ago.
Opinion Piece
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January 2015
Cultural Vibrancy
Business Insider - Why Australia's Famous Beaches Are Losing Their Mojo
Marion Fulker discusses why she thinks Australia's famous beaches are losing their mojo
Opinion Piece
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December 2014
Committee for Perth
Business Insider - A Personal Journey Through The Morning After The Night Before
Marion Fulker writes about her personal experience cities morning after the night before.
Opinion Piece
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October 2014
Female Voices
Where are the female voices?
Opinion Piece
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July 2014
Committee for Perth
Business Insider - Christchurch Three Years After the Quake
Marion Fulker discusses visiting Christchurch three years after the earth quake.
Opinion Piece
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June 2014
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