Towards a Bright Future – Perth @ 3.5 million people

In 2012 Towards a Bright Future was released after a four-year-long research project. This was the most significant and detailed report about Perth’s future to date.

The report outlines two contrasting scenarios for Perth’s future with the worst case called ‘Business as Usual’. It provides the opportunities and challenges Perth will face, as well as an action strategy to achieve a bright future.

A Bright Future
  • People – A region that is safe and welcoming, where all people can find their place: young or old, newcomer, long term resident or Perth ‘born and bred’.
  • Prosper – A national economic powerhouse and globally recognised engine of knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurialism in the resource and energy sectors and beyond.
  • Plan – A distinctive region with a high quality public transport system, vibrant city centres, and housing, lifestyle and recreation choices that meet the needs of all people.
  • Green – An environmentally friendly, clean and pristine region that is committed to maintaining its natural beauty and active, outdoor lifestyles.
  • Learn and Create – A dynamic, intelligent region that is focused on knowledge and innovation as central to its social, economic and cultural wellbeing.
  • Decide – A region which ‘evolves with the times’ and whose government, business and community sectors work together through a shared vision, collaborative action and good governance to achieve a positive future.